About Tag-N-Trace®

Challenge Optimum S.A. was founded in 1994 by three former executives of SGS Group. The company now engages in four major activities:

Optimum (www.optimum.ch) is the consulting branch of the company. Our consultants are specialists in quality control, statistical process control, 6 sigma, quality assurance and quality management. They have garnered extensive experience in product and management systems certifications such as:

Optimum Institute (www.optimum-institute.ch) is the training branch of the company. Ideally located in the most international of European cities, with 42 training credits, 1 post-graduate degree, 22 trainers, 3 levels of qualification and hundreds of trainees every year, Optimum Institute is one of Europe’s best post-graduate quality management training institutes.

Click-N-Manage® (www.click-n-manage.com) is THE quality management software that streamlines your business organization graphically visualizing hierarchically and dynamically through a dedicated intranet to: processes, procedures, functions, risk indicators, improvement projects, job description of employees, documents and authorizations.

Certimedia (www.certimedia.org) is the department specifically dedicated to media & quality management. Certimedia is above all active in expertise, consulting and training with a view to ISAS BCP 9001 certification. Certimedia interlinks the know-how of management experts and media professionals.

Tag-N-Trace® (www.tag-n-trace.com) is the department that provides manufacturers and retailers with innovative solutions for the purposes of product quality and traceability. Thanks to its worldwide database located in Switzerland and the latest advances in RFID and barcode technologies, Tag-N-Trace stores key quality parameters covering the manufacturing chain through to the retail market, and gives international buyers, retailers and consumers instant access to them 24/7/365.